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4 Ways to be More Organized in 2019

As the holidays end and a new working year begins, many people have vowed to be more organized in the new year. Like many New Year’s resolutions, however, these often tend to get left by the wayside, mostly due to lack of action on the part of those who make the resolutions.

This doesn’t have to be the case with you. Rather than simply saying that you will be more organized, take key steps to change your lifestyle and input more organization into your professional and personal life.

Here are a few tips to become more organized in 2019:

Keep a Diary

Diaries are commonly given as New Year’s gifts and for good reason. They are great for writing down addresses, notes, and other important things about your daily life. Some people choose to keep separate diaries for both home and work but you may choose to keep a single one.

Most of your tasks and goals are more likely to the followed through if they are written down. Also, important information will be available at your fingertips by keeping a diary.

Visit a retailer such as TheWorks to buy some 2019 diaries to organize your life.

Keep a Day Planner and Calendar

While a diary will help you organize your tasks, these two tools will help organize your daily life to a T. Get a day planner and begin filling out appointments and tasks that need to be done for each day of the week. Also, make sure to schedule things as soon as you think of them so you don’t forget them.

For example, you could decide to call a particular loved one and forget. However, if you decide to call a loved and immediately list it as a task for a specific day on your day planner, you are more likely to follow through with it.

A calendar will help you map out your month and year. You can easily write down your monthly goals as well.

Set Reminders

As humans, we are prone to forgetting things and procrastinating. That is why, in order to organize your life, you need a system of accountability. One of these systems is having reminders, which help keep you on schedule. Don’t be afraid to set a reminder for everything beyond just your wake up alarm.

Before you go to bed every night, set a number of alarms on your phone for the following day – from waking up to making phone calls and so on. Consider buying a book of sticky notes – leave them around your home and workspace to keep you reminded of tasks.


As much as possible, automate the various tasks that need to be regularly carried out to maintain free time and ensure accountability. You may start with simple ones like having your savings automatically deducted from your account each month or having birthday messages automatically sent out to loved ones through a messaging service.


This new year can shape up to be your most organized year with the right tools. Follow the above steps and watch your life become much more organized.

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