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5 Different Wedding Video Types to Make your Big Day Memorable

Everyone is giddy about weddings, about how one’s special day could rock the scene with exceptional style caught on cam. Yes, everything must be documented by an excellent wedding video company to really matter. Suddenly, booking a talented videographer who will have several amazing video ideas up his sleeve became an important part of planning a wedding.

But wait, some couples go even greater lengths by signing up not just for a single production so that the wedding video company is present not just on the day of the ceremony but also on some occasions – pre and post wedding. Their artistry in documenting the important events leading to the big day and beyond is enlisted so couples could have not just one wedding video.

Here are some of the video types that couples usually prefer to have and pay a wedding video company for.

  1. The Proposal Video – If wedding videos are a must, so are proposal videos. It does not matter if the entire thing is actually staged or it has been pre-arranged and a planned surprise. What matters is that a couple will have a video to commemorate the proposal and the dramatic asking of a girl’s hand in marriage. 
  1. The Engagement Video – The engagement video is another important production. This time, it usually features the groom-to-be and his family getting together with the bride-to-be’s family and some friends. This is where, officially, a forthcoming wedding is announced, with food and wine and a festive spirit.
  1. The Save-the-Date Video. Couples who are about to get married need to pose for a pre-nuptial shoot. The outcome of which are often used in the wedding invitations and others. At times, a short video is also shot alongside to be sent to all those invited to the wedding as a reminder of the important date. Save-the-Date videos may be personalised or may be tailored to a movie inspiration. Thanks to amazing wedding cinematography, you can star in your own production like a Julia Roberts.
  2. The Same-Day Edit Video. Since the ‘real’ wedding video might take time in the editing department, a same-day edit video is often released towards the end part of the reception, to the delight of the guests. Some of them will not have access to the actual video and so would love a glimpse of how beautiful the event had been.
  1. The Cinematic Wedding Video. The same-day edit is usually simple and short, just to have something to show the guests and it is an entirely different thing from the actual wedding video. Stunning wedding videos sit in the editing department for a time while the team is making sure all the important snippets of the big day are captured and presented in a way. So expect this as something grand in all aspects.
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