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All Options Now Open for Microblading

Microblading, being completely manual, depends a lot on the skills of the professional who will perform the technique. Each yarn is designed with great care and dedication to promote smooth lines and a natural result for the client.

What do you need to know about microblading?

This is also a form of micropigmentation, that is, it has the same objective as micropigmentation: to enhance the look by filling the eyebrows with “drawings” of threads, which are drawn through pigments applied to a superficial layer of the skin. The main difference is in the device used: while traditional micropigmentation uses the dermograph, microblading bets on the online site to give the desired effect. With the finer Microblading Supplies you can expect the best now.

If you are interested in embarking on this type of procedure, here are the tips to rock:

Understand the particularities of the technique

Microblading is a more “artistic” method because it is done manually, and consequently, it takes more time (about 1 and a half to 2 hours) to develop. There is no need to hurry during the process, do your job in the best possible way, and remember that naturalness is due to the smaller spacing that is given from wire to wire.

The right blade for each skin and layout

The blades used in the online site make all the difference in the application of the pigment. For making curved and shorter strands, for example, flex is great; in order to make longer strands, the hard must be chosen – it also does very well with oily and acne-prone skin, as it is firmer. For smokers, prefer the rounds and flats (giving light taps). We have already made a post especially for this subject, and you can access it.

Attention to pigments

Not every pigment is made for microblading. Research before buying any brand, and always be sure about Anvisa’s authorization, otherwise you can purchase a product that may cause allergies on the person’s skin. The degree of fixation is also very important, for example, are highly recommended, and you can buy them in the comfort of your home through the online store. The best options with Microblading Supplies make things perfect now.

Innovate with the hybrid technique

The dermograph is your great partner when the intention is to make a brow with more definition. He and the the online site make a great pair in this case: one will be responsible for creating the realistic threads, and the other for the smoky.

Study, study and study

It is not because you saw several videos of micropigmentation classes on youtube, that you are able to perform the procedure. Think that the online site already has a low cost so that you have the opportunity to improve your practices in the right way, through a professional and specific course in the area. Soft tap, risk and ppl know-how is indispensable, and there are tips and tricks that only a good professional can help you develop.

So, what do you think? There are thousands of eyebrows asking for help out there, and microblading is the solution for all of them. Become professional in the area and value the beauty of women. Oh, and when buying your materials, always count on the Tonality.

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