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Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends

Perhaps I might be a little late in regards to presenting the fall/winter trends, but with the temperatures in La La land finally dropping, it seems appropriate that I write this post as we might get to experience a fall and a winter after all.

With the settle raindrops outside my window and a cup of hot tea, I begin my journey into winter wonderland of cozy sweaters, cashmere gloves and elegant lace ensembles. Although there are many trends hitting the streets, I chose my favorite five that I believe are not only stylish but wearable for women of all shapes and sizes. More information at Samyra Fashion.

Oversized Sweater Girl

I’ve always been a fan of oversized sweaters. Not only are they cozy, they allow you movement and a certain level of relaxation unlike some tighter fitting items.

I would say the one thing to watch out for is making sure the hem of the sweater doesn’t stop at your widest point. Unless you are super slim and have more of a rectangle body shape. Apple shapes tend to be wider around their stomachs and shoulders, so avoid the hem of sweater stopping at your stomach line and any bulky shoulder details.

Although bulky sweaters were in last season, this season they made their way back with refreshing patters and prints. My favorite is wearing an oversized sweater with leggings or skinny jeans, topped with a motorcycle jacket and paired with boots.

You can always dress up the look with a pair of pumps (as long as you know how to walk in them )

Tweed Tweed Hooray!

Although this trend might bring to mind your grandmother and the bouffant hair style, do not be mislead by its aged past. Capes and fitted jackets in tweed can prove to be style worthy while adding a touch of elegance and class. For me personally, I would go for one tweed piece at a time in an outfit.

I feel this is what keeps the look modern. Either tweed pants, or a tweed jacket, but not two at once. Although a fitted tweed dress can certainly be a versatile solution to go from the office into a night out on the town.

Lace It Up

Lace is back and I am happy to welcome it with open arms. I love the elegance of lace as well as the feminine touch it adds to any look. My most favorite are the monochromatic colors combinations that you can create with lace.

Plus you can mix and match it with lots of other different textures. Dress it up or down with pumps or boots. For a more holiday spirit throw in a sequence piece to brighten up the mood!

I love pairing a lace top with my pleaded, black, flare skirt that stops just above my knees, with tights and short booties or pumps depending on the occasion.

Flats In The City

I’ve just began wearing flat, ballerina style shoes this year. I now have them in many different patterns and colors. What I love most about these shoes is that they instantly accessories your look.

I have a pair of red, lacquered ballerina flats that add a pop of color and lively up my style with minimal effort. I am amazed at how many times I’ve been running out of my house and these little red shoes have come to the rescue.

Just slip on and go! No laces or zippers to worry about, yet they still posses the sophistication that the beloved flip flops lack.

Flare Skirts Rising

I love skirts and dresses. I feel most feminine when I wear then. I love the feel of the material enveloping my body and moving along with my steps as I walk down the sidewalk. Flare skirts are one of my favorites and they are hitting the markets hard this season.

One of the reason I adore this style is it evokes youth, playfulness and it is simple to pair with other items. I especially like it for body types that do not have a pronounced figure, as it helps to define your waist and shape.

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