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Choose the Right Cups and Size For Your Nursing Bra

It doesn’t seem nice to wear an ugly nursing bra that doesn’t fit well. When you are lactating, the last thing you want is to look like a milking cow wearing granny’s underwear. Moreover, you need to invest in a stylish nursing bra to boost your confidence. 

Most of all, you must get a comfortable one because it would be a nightmare to wear a too-tight bra when your boobs are engorged with milk. Here are some tips to help you stock up on an arsenal of pretty-looking and premium quality nursing bras in your wardrobe. 

Get Measured By a Professional

It will help if you get measured by a pro so you can get the right fit. If you buy bras that are too tight, it will dig deep in your skin. Some may even be so tight that you end up putting unwanted pressure on your milk ducts. When this happens, your milk won’t be released with ease. You may even end up with plugged milk ducts or a nasty infection called mastitis

If you don’t have access to a pro, you can readily do this with a tape measure or a ribbon and a ruler at home. Doing at home by yourself helps you choose your nursing bra online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Never compromise on the fit of your bra because you can also get skin irritation. Remember, your baby feels what you are feeling, so make sure your bra is of the right size and the perfect cup.

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Consider the Material

When you are nursing, inevitable leaks can happen. There will be some days where you are away from the baby, so your breast becomes engorged, and milk just spills over. You can do nothing to stop the milk “let-down” process. It would be good to have a nursing bra that is reinforced with a thicker fabric in front to prevent your clothes from getting wet. Some have even special flaps for washable disposable pads. 

Additionally, it is best to have a breathable material so that moisture won’t set in. Watery milk resting on your nipples is a perfect recipe for a fungal infection. On top of that, you need a stretchy material that can accommodate your mammary glands. Note that your breast can vary in size when you are lactating as your twins fill up with milk. 

Look For the Details

When you are breastfeeding, you need all-out support. So. look for nursing bras that have thicker straps. These bands mean you distribute the weight of your breast equally on your shoulders. This will prevent sagging breasts and deter a painful back and neck. 

Moreover, you must also check for hooks and extra clips that make nursing easy. When your baby is bawling for food, you want your nursing bra to be able to open up with ease. Easy-open hooks and clips at the front panel mean you can readily pull down the flap in seconds. This will help your baby latch on your nipple quite easily. 

Pay Attention to Style

You have just given birth, so you need to reward yourself with sexy lingerie. Just because you’re buying a nursing bra doesn’t mean you have to stick with boring and plain designs. However, if you like these standard ones, that’s okay, too. 

But if you want to feel empowered, choose from a full range of designs and colours that will make you feel in touch with your femininity. Some bras have lace appliques, embroideries, and embellishments. Buy a bra that suits your personality so you can still express yourself. And hey, if anyone were to unknowingly catch a glimpse of your bra while you are nursing, at least you have gorgeous underwear. 

Nursing your baby is one of the best things that you can ever give your child. To make the process easier, you will need to rely on a nursing bra so you can latch your baby with ease no matter where you are. Although this task may sometimes feel unnerving because you may smell like rotten milk on occasion, do it now. Amp up your sexy factor by investing in premium quality and stylish nursing bras!

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Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content.

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