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Choosing Between Canvas And Cotton Printed Bags For Your Business – Which Works Better?

Be it retail or grocery shops, every industry offers bags to its customers to carry their products home. Lately more businesses are opting for customized bags imprinted with their logo/ brand name since they are a fool-proof of improving brand recognition. For years branded single-use plastic bags were the norm at grocery stores.

Due to the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, people sought better replacements. Reusable bags gradually become the raging trend due to a number of reasons. They offer benefits to business owners and consumers. Consumers find them very functional and re-use it for multiple purposes which in turn spread the brand name afar and boost business sales.

 Reusable recyclable bags:

Lately reusable bags serve as an effective marketing tool. A good quality reusable bag sets you apart from your competitors, reduces expenses, help to connect with customers better and serve as a passive form of advertising. Every time your customers use your branded bag they are marketing your brand name.

Among the many reusable bag options cotton and canvas bags are very popular. Even small businesses don’t have to be concerned about the cost. You can find a lot of reusable bag wholesalers online. You can order promotional shopping totes in bulk from top manufacturers like Custom Earth Promos.

They are the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly bags in Florida and have a wide range of customers. Check out their vast catalogue and discuss your design requirements with their team. Get their help to design an attractive bag that your customers are bound to love.

Cotton VS canvas bags:

Both are reusable and environment-friendly. The choice depends on the type of your industry and personal preference. Though both are durable they have few varying features.

  • Thickness – Canvas bags are thicker and made from 8 oz canvas while cotton bags are made from 5oz cotton and comparatively thinner. This makes canvas bags more durable, hold more stuff and they last up to 2 years.
  • Gusset – Canvas bags come with a gusset while you can customize cotton bags with gussets.
  • Handle length – Canvas bags are available with a standard handle length while cotton bags can be customized to varying handle lengths as per your choice.
  • Customization options – Canvas bags come in only few colors and better establish the eco-friendly brand image, but if you want to go for bold color options that match your logo, you can choose cotton bags.

Both these bags are versatile and can be re-used for various purposes. Be it a beach day, a visit to the swimming pool or grocery shopping, you can use these bags. The canvas ones are more receptive towards ink and your brand name stays deeply imprinted in it even after many washes which translate to maximum brand exposure.

Reusable bags are comfortable to carry around and would be loved by your customers. You can consider offering them a choice between different colors and they will appreciate the freedom of choice. Leave a lasting impression amongst your customers using reusable printed bags.

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