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Click To Know The Details Of Affordable Moissanite Rings

Moissanite rings are very classy, beautiful, and elegant and serves agent great alternative to diamond rings. Though some people feel that thing symbolizes love like a diamond ring, most people cannot tell the difference between moissanite engagement rings and diamond rings. These are really affordable and fit in the budget. Moissanite rings are more refractive than diamond. It is extremely durable and has heat resistance properties. It can easily replace diamonds in bridal rings for decades to come. It has more luster than diamond and does not look like a fake stone. It has a hardness rating of 9.2 almost as hard as a diamond and definitely harder than the other gemstones.


Moissanite originally came from a meteorite 50,000 years ago. It has not been found and large quantities. So the moissanite used in jewelry is grown in labs. Those who want to own the beautiful, brilliant and durable piece of cosmic gem at an affordable price can purchase this. Display and brilliance cannot be matched by anything on earth. There are beautiful moissanite wedding rings, engagement rings, at great discounted prices. Moissanite engagement rings are exceptionally new to the world of jewelry. 

Use as a diamond ring 

This amazing beautiful gemstone was only discovered in the 20th century. Since 1998, moissanite rings have graced many jewelers. It is a colorless gemstone and many people use it as a substitute of diamond ring. It has become almost synonymous with engagement or wedding rings. These rings are used for any occasion. The amazing truth about these rings is that they outclass diamonds in almost every category.

Main advantage

The main advantage of affordable moissanite rings are that they come at a cost which is a fraction of the price of real diamonds. 

Types of rings

Moissanite rings are available in various cuts and designs. They are quite study and can last for a long time. There are many diamond replacements that exist, although nothing can completely and accurately replace a natural diamond. Charles and colvard developed a way to produce moissanite which is truly a unique and beautiful blend of art and science. Moissanite has either a yellow or grey color. The stone’s visual properties are refractive and have a very unusual visual effect that makes it look brilliant. It is two and a half times more powerful than a real diamond.

There are different designs of affordable moissanite rings which are available like-

  • Adeline moissanite ring
  • Alana moissanite ring
  • Alexia moissanite ring
  • Amara moissanite ring
  • Becky moissanite ring
  • Baz moissanite ring

Affordable moissanite rings are much less expensive than traditional diamond. They have a more durable surface that a cubic zirconia. The brilliance and fire of moissanite makes them greater than diamonds. These are not fake diamond at all but a man-made crystal that resembles a diamond both in natural hardness and luster of the jewel. With the change in fashion, people have come to feel that moissanite rings are beautiful and attractive in their own way. Platinum moissanite ring is popular among the movie stars and supermodels. These classy pieces of jewelry increase the value as they age. 

Ways of gifting

For those who are planning to give their beloved these engagement rings are free to do so. They can also cut the costs and should not struggle to choose a lovely design for them. One can easily gift engagement and wedding rings as a set. It turns out to be a great fashionable and stylish jewelry for the bride. Moissanite rings are a great buy and it is really like diamonds. These gifts are going to last forever and it is a really good choice to gift as an engagement gift. Buying an affordable moissanite rings must be a treasure for all girls.

Difference between diamond and moissanite

Only the experts with trained eyes can tell the difference between moissanite rings and diamond rings. There is a kind of a rainbow glow inside these rings. Wearing moissanite rings give you the similar feel like that of the diamond rings because of the identical look and appearance of it. Many people prefer these types of rings for their engagement and wedding rather than the diamond rings because of the price. 

These rings have a shine of the stars which are not to be compared with the diamond rings. These rings represent as a symbol of love with its unique glow. The moissanite gemstone is an alternative that is used as the source and symbol of love. These beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands are very famous among the couples. It is a great economic substitute for diamond.

Where to find them?

There are many online sites which offer original and custom made jewelry. There is a wide range of collection from which one can choose. They make sure that every piece of jewelry is designed and meet to perfection for each customer. It includes moissanite engagement rings, wedding rings, etc. If you want to buy moissanite jewelry, you need to consider a few things. Make sure that the metal band is well suited for the stone. You need clear information on how to maintain and clean the piece from the jewelry store you are purchasing from. 

When it comes to choosing the right gems for moissanite rings it includes the shape and cut of the gems, the most popular being the ubiquitous square cut. The princess of round cut is also a popular gem cuts for engagement rings. Then you will also have to consider the carat of the moissanite gem.

Why are they famous?

An engagement ring is something that makes the design and composition and integral part of any wedding proposal. The diamond tradition is one that is very old. But nowadays moissanite engagement rings are replacing the diamond rings. These rings are filled with a gleam, twinkle, sparkle and fiery wonder of diamonds in most cases. These are generally handled by skilled craftsmen. The little compressed wonders of carbon and silicon are polished and cut to fit the most artistically designed settings. It is nearly as close as one can get to a diamond ring when polished cut and set into the right ring. 

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