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Compare and contrast the costs of offline and online fundraising

There’s a constant debate on whether or not online fundraising is better than offline fundraising. Well there’s no right or wrong answer to it – the direction you take for your fundraising activities are all dependent on the cause you’re raising money for. The most important factor being the money, of course. Online crowdfunding India platforms such as Impact Guru have helped many people raise money for various causes, medical campaign being the highest. On the other hand, several nonprofits have organised offline fundraisers and still been equally successful. So which is the better option?

Simply considering the cost point of view, organizing offline fundraisers can be extremely expensive – whether it’s a marathon for a cause, a bake sale, a party, a film screening, a workshop, a dinner, or what not. Expenses like food, drinks, renting out a space, permissions, staff, transport, etc would all drive up costs. Executional and operational costs of organizing an offline fundraiser are the biggest disadvantage of offline fundraising. For a nonprofit that really needs the funds for their activities, spending ludicrous amounts of money on a fundraiser might be counterintuitive. Moreover, a large chunk of the money that would be collected at an offline event would be used to recover the money spent on organizing the fundraiser.

Now let’s take the example of crowdfunding for online fundraising. The online crowdfunding India world is quite dynamic. What started out with people raising money for medical treatments they couldn’t afford, has now extended it’s boundaries to education, nonprofits, environment, animal rights, music, film, art, technology, business, and social enterprise. When this happened, crowdfunding websites became more and more specific. For instance, you have websites that are primarily for crowdfunders of medical causes, then you have some that are just for creative projects, and other that raise money only for environmental initiatives. Then there are some that do a combination of all. Only a few websites have a flat fee for raising money on the platform. But most crowdfunding India platforms, Impact Guru for instance, are a completely free platform for people to start campaigns. Simply from the price point of view, crowdfunding might be a better bet for anyone with a severe money crunch or emergency. Moreover, crowdfunding online gives you much better reach, for you can get donors from any corner of the world. That said, if a nonprofit has access to some high profiled potential donors that are likely to make large donations, offline fundraiser might be a useful way to establish personal relationships. In such a case, investing in an offline event might be worth it.

In conclusion, both methods of fundraising are efficient. Making the choice all depends on the nature of your organization and the cause you’re raising money for. A final tip before singing off – a combination of online and offline will really enhance your efforts.

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