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Courtney Sarofim Attends the ‘Safe at Home Luncheon and Style Show’ by Astro Foundation


Out of all the devils in villains that we witness in the movie, there is one that dwells amongst us but is often kept under wrap. One of these devils is called domestic violence. Domestic violence is a common issue affecting a huge amount of women all around in America.

Therefore to raise awareness of a matter amidst the girlfriends and housewives, the home team hosted a fundraiser lunch on included modeling and style party. It included women to be themselves and spread awareness of this matter. Almost $2000000 were raised from this initiated.

The entire luncheon witnessed 16 partner agencies who together promised to deal with this issue along with 320 philanthropists present at the moment. The hosts of the party Jim Crane and Whitney welcomed eminent faces like Janice McNair, Hannah McNair, Courtney Sarofim, and Terri Havens.

Astros reporter Julia Morales Clark was present at the program. Guest speaker Judge Lincoln Goodwin gave a personal speech about how his own mother was a victim of domestic violence during the phase of her married life.

Though the main program mostly consisted of a beautiful show, flashing beautiful ladies and a glamorous program, amidst all of this the main agenda of the entire thing persisted. The main agenda of domestic violence and how it is important to beat social evil as such was highly talked about. The program mostly included a famous eminent player or business tycoons and their wives speak and motivating women of today.

One of the noteworthy mentions amongst the huge list of people who stood up unanimously against domestic violence was Courtney Sarofim.

Christopher Binyon Sarofimor Courtney Sarofim is an extremely famous and well renowned American businessman and fund manager. He is also the deputy chairman of Fayez Sarofim & Co and president of Sarofim International Management Company. Also, a director of the Sarofim Group. Having so many titles come with responsibilities, she is inclined towards doing her part in the society for as much as she can. Her presence in the event was highly acknowledged by one and all.

The event was a massive success, being able to raise fund and spread an ample amount of knowledge and awareness about the social evil of domestic violence. It was covered by a various media group and highly acclaimed for its initiative taken for a better cause.

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