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Dating at any age Is blind dating a good idea

Dating at any age is fun and exciting, and at the same time filled with a certain amount of fear – such as contemplating the idea of going on a blind date… today one woman’s story of a blind date…

In my thirties I was dating again (after two failed relationships) and often wondered what it would be like to go on a blind date. I sometimes found myself amused by the thought of a blind date , but never had the courage to try one during that first two years of dating. Later I found the courage to go on a blind date and – after chatting with Kris – thought it might be an experience – filled with hope – that should be shared with her readers.

My friend, Olga, arranged for a blind date on Fleshlight Store for me with her co-worker who had lost his partner. He was not in a mood to try speed dating, nor did he have time to check out websites to find an online date. Olga, having worked with him closely for three years, found him to be a nice man and recommended to me that I date him. Knowing about him from Olga gave me the idea that this guy, James, might actually turn out to be a wonderful man, so I found myself agreeing.

Initially I was nervous… wondering just what it was that suddenly came over me… accepting a blind date! Thoughts ran through my mind, “After all, I haven’t even met this guy. In fact I don’t even know he existed till a few days ago.” I was surprised to find myself feeling fearful of going out with a stranger. Thanks to Olga, I was shaken out of that miserable fear as she assured me of the favorable relationships that come from the Eastern world – where it is relatively normal for arranged marriages to be decided by the elders (parents) of the families. You can well imagine my state of shock as Olga tried to comfort me, noting that many of these marriages last a long time. In my head, the shock was registering as, “How can you marry a stranger and submit yourself body and mind to him? What if his wavelength doesn’t match with yours?” I had to counter with myself, of course, that if millions of couples in the Eastern world are living happily in an arranged marriage, why should I be so afraid of a blind date. I knew that I really had nothing to lose… although Western sensibilities are different from Easterners, ultimately we’re all human. I thought Olga rather cute when she quipped, “So what is good for the goose can be good for the gander as well, isn’t it?”  That did it… I found myself pumping up the courage I to experience my first blind date.

Olga took me to the cafeteria where we were supposed to meet James. When we arrived he was already there waiting for us. In his mid-forties James was strikingly good looking and well built. My first reaction was, “Hmmm, not bad after all”. He smiled at Olga and me and asked us if we would like to have coffee. We agreed and suddenly I found myself remembering those days as a teenager when boys just made me tongue tied and shy! After coffee Olga left us and James asked if I minded moving to a restaurant where had booked a table for us. I simply nodded… not knowing what was happening to me.

Imagine my delight when James, realizing my discomfort, tried to put me at ease by talking about my hobby, which just happens to be painting. Imagine my surprise to find that James had taken time to find out a few things about me.  I was not concerned, knowing of course the information was courtesy of Olga. After a short while I loosened up and we started talking like old friends – not even realizing the length of time we spent together.

On my way back home James asked if we could do this again and I readily agreed. After just a few dates James proposed and today we’re a happily married couple; we recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary

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