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Guidelines for Buying for Scrubs for Men and Women

If you are a nurse or a health care specialist, you most definitely need to own scrubs. Scrubs are easily available in stores and online shops such as Amazon and blue sky scrubsBefore buying the scrubs, you should take into consideration the following tips:-

  •  Colors -Before buying the scrub, find out your employer’s preferred color. Some hospitals have a specific color scheme; scrubs for women can be printed while those for men can be in color white. Some employers are very strict, make sure you also find out what type/brand of scrub is required.
  • Scrubs with pockets- As a nurse, one needs to have all sorts of tools such as swabs, bandages, notebooks for use. It is very frustrating when you are doing your rounds and is unable to get these items in time because you do not have pockets. Ensure the scrub that you buy has pockets, both the top and pants.
  •  Get a good fabric- Scrubs come in different types of fabric. Whatever fabric you choose, make sure that it is comfortable and soft on your skin.  You will be wearing the scrubs all the time at work, get something that can absorb sweat without feeling sticky. A good scrub material is cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton.
  •  Well-fitting scrub – It is recommended to get a well-fitting scrub. You don’t want your scrubs to be too tight or too baggy. A baggy scrub will make you clumsy. At the same time, buying tight scrubs for women will tear when you sit or even bend, it will constrict you. It is also not professional wearing a tight outfit to work.
  • Quantity and quality -Buying your scrubs in the good fabric will take you a long way. Do not buy poor quality scrubs just because you want to save money. Sometimes cheap is always expensive. It is recommended to buy a good brand such as blue sky scrubs. After all, having one quality pair of scrubs is better than having seven bad quality scrubs. Having quality scrubs does not mean that you break your bank account. You can get quality scrubs from branded shop through sales and specials. Learn the art of bargaining. It is also advisable to buy at least 3 to 4 pairs if you don’t want to be washing them every day. With time, you can decide to buy scrubs that will cover you for a whole week.
  •  Scrub that does not easily fade- As you will be washing your scrubs all the time, buy one that does not easily fade. This means getting your scrubs in quality fabrics. You can also buy safe detergents that can easily kill germs but are softer on the scrub. Having several scrubs will slow down the rate of fading as you will not be washing your scrubs regularly.
  •  Underclothes – Sometimes it gets cold at work. When buying scrubs, consider buying some t-shirts which can be worn under the scrub. You can also buy enough pairs of socks for your feet. This will keep you warm but also make you look presentable.
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