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How to choose the best contact lens?

Each of us is a little vain. Wearing contact lenses is a matter of choice – in the first case, people who have vision problems may prefer to use contact lenses or glasses and on the other, they can be worn simply by the desire to change the appearance and color of the eyes.

Contact lenses are round, very fine and transparent, can easily be lost or simply forgotten somewhere. They can be either positive or negative dioptre and different colors according to the wishes of the wearer.

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They could also be worn for cosmetic purposes only – to change the color of the eyes, protect them from sunlight and cornea correction. It is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist or specialist before putting on contact lenses for any reason – whether cosmetic or because of eye problems (astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia).

It is not good to take unnecessary risks and an exam by an eye doctor should be made. Apart from anything else, you will get detailed information about which contact lenses are best suited, how to wear them, whether you can sleep with them, whether you are good at sports, how to store them, etc.

The lenses are two types – soft and hard contact lenses. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Light contact lenses are several types depending on their water content – the daily ones, which are about 40{cea8d9aa62bad3a86c29dffa3a743c41d84271440c9b4bb5bfd3bde47c59ae47} water content and are only used for 13-15 hours a day, and then need to be removed.

The three-day lenses have about 60{cea8d9aa62bad3a86c29dffa3a743c41d84271440c9b4bb5bfd3bde47c59ae47} water content and are worn for up to a week. Weekly and monthly soft lenses are about 75{cea8d9aa62bad3a86c29dffa3a743c41d84271440c9b4bb5bfd3bde47c59ae47} water content and, as they can be understood by their name, can be worn from a few weeks to several months, following the appropriate instructions for use.

What are the negatives of the contact lens?

Different types of allergies may also be developed. It is good to know that with soft lenses you get used to being with them extremely fast, but the risk of fungal infections and blurred vision is high. Soft lenses allow a change in the color of the eye, making them suitable for people who just want some change. The website offers a large collection of contact lens of all types and colors.

The feeling of wearing hard contact lenses is quite different than the softer ones. As we have written with soft lenses, it gets used more quickly, the eye gets them better, but the advantage of hard lenses is that they have a longer life and the image is clearer. The risk of fungal infections is very low, but they can easily fall out of the eye. With astigmatism, it is recommended to wear solid lenses.

Because of their firmness, the hard contacts can make the eye cornea irritated, causing tearing and redness. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit a specialist because there’s already a new type of hybrid lens that has the characteristics of both types – with a hard-hatched and soft periphery. Different brands of lenses also offer countless variations. Leading companies are France, Japan, and Italy.

Choosing whether to wear lenses or glasses is entirely yours, depending on how you feel, how your eye will accept the lenses, and how you will accept them, whether you use them as a necessity or simply as a cosmetic accessory. Check all the available contacts on

Lens placement is a matter of adaptation, as men initially have more difficulty with this because women are accustomed to touching their eyelids because of the use of decorative cosmetics. All cases are too individual.

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