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How to Select the Right Bra as Per Your Body-Type?

A bra helps you in accentuating your features and helps in showcasing your curves. Getting the most accurate guidance on how you should buy for a bra is very important. Women are of different body shapes. So buying lingerie as per the shape of the body and figure is vital. Moreover, with different clothes, you require different types of the bra so that it sets properly. 

Here are a few bra selection tips as per body types that would help you. Find the right bra for yourself as per the ideas shared below:

Apple Shape Body:

The main tip that you have to follow while you are trying to find the right bra for an apple-shaped body would be to try and accentuate your bust. This would help in making sure that the bust looks petite, but the visual width of the hips and the waistline is defined. 

The main traits for an apple-shaped woman would be a well-built bust, broad shoulders, narrower and less defined hipline. By selecting the right bra you would be able to accentuate your figure more. With, get the best quality bra at affordable rates.

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You can go for full cup bras, which would minimize the look of your bust. You should try to stay away from push up bras and strapless bras, and they would define your bust more.  

Pear-shaped Body:

While choosing a bra for a woman with a pear-shaped body, focus on increasing the breast size. It would then reduce the look of hips and the bottoms. The main traits of a pear-shaped body are wider hips and thighs along with narrower shoulders compared to the hip area. 

With wider bottom and a smaller bust, you should go for the balconette bras, push-up bras, as it would help in making the bust look proportionate with the body. Choose the right intimate wear, which would reduce the look of your hips and the bottom area of the body.

Hour Glass Body:

Women with the hour-glass body have a wonderful figure that goes well with all clothes. With their beautiful curves, such women should embrace their bodily features and always go for the right bra. The major traits of hourglass-body shape are that their bust and hips are nearly proportionate. 

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They have a body with a full bust and a definite waist. An hourglass woman should show off all her curves as everything remains in symmetry. Any kind of fashionable bra is perfect for such females. 

Above-discussed are some of the women’s body shapes that would help you find and buy bras. With the help of Dr. Canine’s, buy the right bra, which would fit you perfectly.

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