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One of the Finest Companies for the Making of Sashes and Sash Products

Pageant sashes are easy to find on the internet. One stands out as they began this practice of wearing sashes and they have a goal that one day, all graduating classes would wear sashes that symbolize and celebrate their unique accomplishments and identity. Currently, this sash online remains dedicated to helping, schools, colleges, universities as well as affiliation groups build and express their pride.


Their commitment is to offer the best sashes while maintaining uncompromising value as the company grows. Through partnerships as well as innovation this pageant sashes company remains to developing creative new ways for individuals to express their pride and mark life’s important moments.

High standards

This sash company encourages high standards of ethics in the making of their products. All their sashes are made using the finest fabrics and made in a way that is constant with the United States Department of Labour’s Fair Labour Standards Act for the appropriate guidelines of their institution or corporation.

Located in Los Angeles

This sash manufacture is in Los Angeles and is a leading company for making graduation sashes as well as other sash products that help individuals revel those achievement milestones as well as signifying their affiliations.

French designer

The French designer Louis Boksenbaum in 2002 was asked by a group of African American students who needed sashes for their graduation if he could match the designs and school colours. He could and presented the final product to college bookstores.

Company was born

That is when he and his wife made the decision to bring this beautiful idea to the rest of the graduates and their sash company was created. This idea quickly was embraced in California and the popularity of graduation sashes began to rise throughout the nation. This sash company has secured the trust and loyalty of some of the most respected universities and schools in the United States.

Leadership and expertise

By its leadership as well as extensive professional expertise in this industry, the company became devoted to encouraging the highest quality standards to deliver exceptional performance. Their sashes are now available to individuals, groups or in bulk for all types of occasions such as:

  • – Weddings, beauty pageants, proms and birthdays;
  • – Parades, parties, festivals and events;
  • – Homecomings, awards and ceremonials.
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