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Quilting Sewing Methods Today

On this page, you will learn Quilting for Beginners, simple tips and strategies that will help you go from a quilting novice, who has never made a beautiful quilt to an experienced quilter who can make and design stunning quilts that will last a long time.

This page is dedicated to hand sewing methods for making a lasting, high-quality quilt.

What is hand quilting?

Because this section is dedicated to quilting for beginners we shall start with the fundamental basics.

Hand Sewing a quilt, put simply is the process of making a beautiful patchwork quilt using a needle and thread. As long as you can sew in a straight line you can begin to enjoy making quilts.

We shall look at 3 simple sewing methods and stitches that will enable you to make your first quilt .

Running Stitch

The most common type of hand quilting stitch is the running stitch. This simple stitching method is designed to allow you to sew in straight lines and creates a neat stitch which is perfect for quilting.

To start sewing your quilt, with the running stitch, thread the needle, leave plenty of free thread. Remember to tie a knot at the end of the cotton.

  • Start underneath your fabric and push the needle up through the material.
  • Once the needle is fully through your patchwork quilt or quilting block, neatly push the needle back through the quilt. Repeat trying to sew as neatly as possible.
  • Once your quilt has been fully stitched, go back over your stitching 2 or 3 more times. This will ensure that your quilt is secure and unlikely to fall apart.

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Rocking Stitch

This hand quilting stitch is a little more complex than a running stitch. To do the rocking stitch whilst making a quilt follow the guideline below.

  • Place a thimble on your forefinger.
  • Thread your needle and again tie a knot at the end.
  • Again begin underneath your fabric, push the thread up through your material whilst guiding the needle with the thimble.
  • Repeat and restitch once complete.
  • The third sewing technique with you can use to make a quilt as a beginner is call the cross stitch

Cross Stitch

  • Thread your needle and leave plenty of cotton again. Remember to knot the end
  • Push the need up through the material, but leave a little of the cotton underneath your quilt.
  • Move your needle diagonally and go back through your quilt.
  • Now repeat using the other two corners of a square. This will result in a cross of a thread.
  • Repeat this hand quilting method until your whole quilt is sewn.
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