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Scala Hats Are Still Classic Even In 2019

Fashion is an ever-evolving thing. I think as long as humans evolve, fashion will too. We’ve seen it go from classic to retro, wrapped to skimpy, extravagant to casual, and sleek to dull. In other words, we’ve seen it in all its many forms. And to be honest, I think there’s still a lot more we have yet to see.

But wherever fashion may go, no matter what trend it decides to pick up next, one thing is sure to remain the same: Simple is always best.

Don’t you all agree?

Simple never goes out of style. No matter what era we’re in or how much the world changes, simple things remain classic (Read more here: I know this goes against popular opinion – especially in the world of fashion. People generally dislike being seen as simple, after all. We thrive to be unique; we love to stand out. Being simple is kind of equivalent to being plain, dull, and boring. Isn’t that right?


I think you’re taking the entire concept the wrong way. Simple doesn’t mean plain; it doesn’t mean boring either. Let’s just say it goes by the saying “less is more.” Oftentimes, the more effortless we look, the more effortful we become. There is charm in simplicity – an aura of sophistication as some would say. It’s the kind of vibe you can never get with flashy or bedazzled outfits. To be more accurate, it’s not just about being simple. It’s also about being smart. To become a true fashion genius, you have to find what works for you and make the best out of it.

On that note, let me add one more thing: It is okay to NOT go with the flow sometimes.

What I’ve noticed in the fashion industry in recent years is that people don’t try to be themselves anymore. Now that we have mainstream and social media, people are compelled to follow whatever trend the world sets for them – even if it doesn’t suit them at all.

“Oh, denim jackets are so in right now! Let me buy one (or ten!) even though I know it’s summer season in my part of world right now.”

“Hey, feathered brows are the new thing. Let me watch this tutorial vid real quick so that I can wear my makeup the same way for my job interview this afternoon.”

“Pixie haircuts are really popular right now. It seems like tomboyish hairstyles give off a fresh, feminine vibe nowadays. Why don’t I try it? Surely, my frizzy, unruly hair can handle it!”

I’m not saying that only a few, select people can enjoy the latest trends. What I’m saying is that you don’t have to force yourself to conform when you know it’s not right for you. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should follow it. If we were to operate using that sort of thinking, then shouldn’t people go into drugs too? After all, a large portion of the world population considers it to be cool. You see, not everything “popular” is good. Not everything trendy is meant to be followed. This is why the word “personality” exists in our dictionary. We have to carefully choose what we should and should not follow. And we have to choose based on our own interests and preferences. The world has no power over our decisions. You are the only one who can tell yourself what to do. Whether you allow yourself to be swayed or persuaded by society is completely up to you.

Take Scala hats here, for example. They’ve been tried, criticized, and scrutinized for being “obsolete” or “out of fashion.”

But I ask you, are they really?

Last time I checked, Scala hats are still making noise in the fashion world. They’re classic fashion items that have been around for decades. The key to Scala hats’ stable popularity lies in their simple design. They are so down-to-earth and humble that you can literally match them with anything and still look good. You can wear them on your way to a meeting, beach, presentation, formal gathering, a normal get-together, and wherever else you plan on going to. Still, your outfit will rule.

Be like a Scala hat this 2019. Be a classic.

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