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The Ever-Changing Designs of Fashion

Throughout parts of the world, fashion has always been different depending on the culture. Fashion also changes as time goes by, some clothing styles are left behind for a new, interesting design. Even so, there are some fashion trends that make a comeback years after they were abandoned. Many people’s lives now revolve around fashion; they get into the industry to model, design, advertise, and much more. There are also those who create their own clothing styles at home, donning their own unique designs.

When working from home, most people tend to find a space or room inside their house and call it a “work space”, but it doesn’t always work out. It can be distracting working from the comfort of your home because it is a safe haven, a place to relax. If you plan on working from home, it would be a great idea to invest in two-story sheds so that you can have your very own backyard design studio. Whether it be for sewing, painting, writing, sculpting-it can be anything that you enjoy creating.

Sewing, for example, is one of the oldest known textile arts that rose during the Paleolithic era. Archaeologists believed that even before spinning yarn and weaving fabric was invented, people from the Stone Age would use bone or ivory needles, and animal parts as “thread”, to sew fur and skin clothes. For thousands of years, sewing was done by hand, until the 19th century when the sewing machine was invented. Although clothing line corporations and majority of the people rely on a sewing machine, there are those who prefer and still practice sewing by hand.

Not only is it mainly economical to sew your own clothes, but you can also create your very own unique designs and patterns. Sometimes it can be difficult to follow sewing patterns from tutorial videos or from an actual sewing mentor, so why not create your own designs? And besides doing something that you love, you can also help others find what they are looking for with your designs. They may follow in the same path as well.

There have always been fashion icons throughout the world during different time periods. Mainly, these fashionistas were famous people, so whatever they wore, the public would try to follow. For example, Marie Antoinette was one of the fashion leaders during the 18th century. Her dresses were always influential, and women would wear the same style dresses. At first, clothing was either feminine or masculine, but then in the 1960s unisex clothing was introduced. And with androgynous clothing making its way to retail stores, men also began to accessorize in news way instead of the usual suits. Women also began to wear pants and less “feminine” clothes.

In the world there are four cities that are still currently acknowledged as the major fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, London, and New York City. These places hold the headquarters for the best fashion companies, and Fashion weeks are also held in these cities.

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