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Tips to Wear a Combination of Shirt and Jumper: Trending Women’s Country Clothing

Women’s country clothing has been in the news for over some time now due to the versatility that it has to offer. Irrespective of the fact that most of it are generally winter wear it still holds a very special place in the lives of the women due to the extreme amount of comfort that it promises.

Two of the major women’s country clothing includes a shirt and jumper. Though these clothes separately look amazing on women irrespective of the occasion what is the finest combination that still exists in the fashion world is that of them.

Yet most women might make mistakes when pairing a shirt with a jumper.

Here are a few rules that when maintained will give you the best probable look with this combination:


Decide Your Neckline

That shirt available in the market are most of the same style, therefore, there isn’t much to do when it comes to the neckline of a shirt, but when using a jumper along with that of your shirt be very careful with your neckline. There exist a variety option be it around the neck all v-neck. Choose your jumper with your shirt so that the importance of your shirt does not lessen.


With more and more companies like Urban & Wild who are making more colorful and variant jumpers, you can now easily choose the one that you like the most. Generally for a professional meeting go for the darker colors like that of black, Brown blue, etc.

Again when it comes to playing casual lighter and brighter colors which are now abundantly available. Remember to always co-ordinate and sync your jumper with that of your shirt so that both of them are pretty prominent and hold their specific importance.



Another thing to consider when you are pairing a jumper with that of a shirt, always remembers to go for a simple textured jumper instead of that of other styles. Though this combination is mostly casual it can also be entertained as extremely formal wear. Therefore with a formal shirt underneath going for simple textured jumper will be good.

Therefore the next time you buy Women’s Country Clothing from reputed places like Urban & Wild, do not forget to keep these facts in mind so that your jumper and shirt combination and stand out from the crowd and look amazing. Follow the above tips to see the best results.

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