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Top Three gold bangles and long chain design for a woman

It is true that all Indian women prefer to opt for golden ornaments over any other precious metal. Among all gold ornaments, gold chain and bangles can never be neglected. These two ornaments are a must for women to wear as it can enhance the looks of her personality. There was a time when women like to wear heavy ornaments. But with the change in time and with the rising price of gold most of the women nowadays prefer to choose light-weight ornaments. Thus, you can have many stylish bangles even in 10 grams of gold. You can also get various gold long chain designs that look very attractive when you wear in your neck along with a decorative pendant. In this article, we have come up with some top three gold bangles and long chain design which will certainly give you a special look when you will wear it.

Top three gold long chain designs

  • Simple gold chain design: A simple gold chain never goes out of fashion. It can be worn on many occasions and is perfect for daily usage. Even in simple design, this long gold chain gives you amazing and the best thing is you can wear it with any traditional or modern clothes.
  • Gold chain with diamonds: There is no denying that diamond can enhance the overall personality of a woman. So, when diamonds are embedded in the gold chain it adds an extra elegance in the looks of a woman. Thus, you can certainly select this design without giving a second thought on it.
  • Gold and Silver combination chain: This design is unique but it is the latest trend in the market. It looks very stylish when you combine both silver and gold in your chain. No matter whatever outfit you wear this design will certainly give you a stunning look.

Top three gold bangles design

  • Designer bangles with diamond work: If you are looking for 10 grams gold bangles, this design is the best choice for you. You can wear it both in the kitty party as well as on many occasions. Though these types of bangles are not very costly it can certainly make you the center of appraisal for everyone.
  • Floral designed diamond bangles: This design is also the most recent trend of bangles in the market. In this design, several pieces of diamond are stubbed in a floral design. This design is really an eye-catching which you can wear with both ethnic as well as the western outfit.
  • Broad diamond bangles: This design of bangles is another latest fashion trend. Every woman no matter whether young or old will certainly like this design as it looks very classy when a woman wears it. The best this is that you can wear this type of bangles on a single hand only. You can also wear it will all type of clothes.

Thus, it is advisable to all women to have a look at all the above-mentioned design of bangles and chain before purchasing it.

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