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Use These 5 Tips for Mixing And Matching Of Jewellery

If you want to look different and elegant among everyone, then jewellery can be your best friend. Sometimes, only clothing isn’t enough to make you look stand out, then the jewellery comes to rescue you. Also, bad choice of jewellery can break your look completely. Choose a piece of jewellery which can transform your entire outfit. For that, you should be aware of what you need to pair with particular necklaces, rings, and with different clothes for creating a look to enhance your personal style. In it, Lotus Fun can help you as well.

Here are five tips which will make you a pro in mixing and matching the jewellery.

  1. 1. Let Each Piece Of Jewellery Shine

When you go to choose a piece of jewellery from your jewellery box, you want to highlight each piece you are going to wear. It is not possible to show each piece at one time. But, if smartly deal with it, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one or two jewellery. Select in such a way that it won’t distract one statement from another that you wear nearby. For instance, if you are choosing stackable sets off the ring then go for a simple bracelet with it. And in case if you’re choosing multiple necklaces, then go for stud earrings and balance your look.

  1. Put Focus On One Statement

Clothes and jewellery are like dance partners, so you need to work them for you together and with a balance. They never go to overshadow each other. Simple jewellery piece will go with busier clothes and vice versa. It’s a no to pair large statement neck pieces with busy patterns. A delicate necklace or a favourite ring can work great for you.

  1. Ring Sounds Louder

If you talk about one fun jewellery to mix-and-match, then it is no doubt lotus fun‘s stackable rings. This little piece of jewelry works huge for your look. Also, sometimes it can be tricky to get the balance perfectly. You can pair knuckle rings and traditional rings on alternating fingers (like traditional rings on your pointer finger and a knuckle ring on your middle finger). Also, you can wear both traditional rings and knuckle ring on one finger with balancing them in sizes. For instance, wear a stack of three-ring on your pointer finger, in ring finger, wear a stand-out slice ring, and in the middle finger, wear one simple traditional band and knuckle ring. It is the accessory which can wear in mix metals and it just looks stunning. For example, black-diamond and gold pave band or a white-sapphire and silver version are perfect examples of metal mixing.

  1. Go For Other Accessories

Keep note of other accessories you are going to wear throughout the day. For instance, put your jewellery attention on rings instead. If you are wearing sunglasses on your shirt, then opt for a long necklace chain which hangs lower. Also, avoid competing for statement pieces for simpler jewellery.

  1. Make It (Not) Casual

If you want to look chic and don’t know how they go for glistening pavé ring and polished mixed-metal pendant necklace and pair it with ripped jeans and simple white tee.

With these matching and mixing tips, you will shine like a pro.

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