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What Makes Diamond Valuable in Dallas?

The value of a diamond depends on several factors such as its color, its carat, or its shape. That’s why before purchasing a diamond determining the properties of the diamond is essential. Wholesale diamonds for sale in Dallas can be a good choice since you can get a high-quality diamond at an affordable price. Know the value of each diamond to invest in the right one. 

How Diamonds get their Value

Diamonds are expensive because they’re so rare.

The rarity of a diamond can measure its value since rare diamonds are often one in a million therefore the value is high. For instance diamonds with pink, orange, blue and purple are very rare, so once you find one it will cost a lot. Years may even pass before they can find these colors of diamond. A flawless diamond is also rare since most diamonds have inclusions when they are forming so finding a diamond with no inclusions only happens seldom, so getting a flawless diamond is rare. Colorless diamonds are also hard to find therefore they are rare and pricey. 

The bigger the diamond, the more it costs.

The size of the diamond is measured by its carat weight. The diamond is priced per carat which means the higher the carat the higher the price. Plus for every shape of the diamond, the price differs, for instance, a 1.0 carat round brilliant diamond is more expensive than a 2.0 carat of emerald cut. Since round diamonds have a more perfect facet and are versatile they are more desired by buyers. 

The world’s diamond supply is depleting which is why the price of diamonds is increasing.

The law on high demand and low supply also applies to diamonds. Since there are now issues being raised in mining diamonds the prices are continuously increasing. Every diamond taken is priced high due to scarcity of source. 

Factors that Affect the Value of a Diamond


Not all diamonds are colorless actually colored diamonds exist but very few can be found which makes them more valuable. Even colorless diamonds are graded according to how colorless they are and the more colorless the diamond the greater value it can have. 


As diamonds are formed small imperfections are found within and they are called inclusions. They are considered flaws in diamonds. The more flaws the diamonds have the less value will be lesser too and vice versa. Flawless diamonds can increase the value of the diamond. 


Cut are important for diamonds since this can affect the overall quality of the diamond. Excellently cut diamonds can enhance the brilliance of the diamond, which makes it more durable and desirable in appearance. This kind of diamond has a higher value.


The bigger the carat the higher the value since diamonds are priced per carat. Pls higher diamonds can be evaluated better compared with smaller diamonds which can have a higher quality grade 

Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond is subjected to UV light and the reaction of the diamond towards the light can affect its value. Experts say that diamonds that appear slightly milky under UV light have lesser value. 

Diamond Shape 

Diamond comes in different shapes, the more popular the shape the higher value it can have. Since shapes had become popular since they are used by known people and they have been some significant events where the shape of the diamond symbolizes something. That’s why there are diamond shapes that are more expensive than others. 

Diamond Symmetry

The diamond consists of facets, each corner of the diamond has facets and symmetrical facets can affect the appearance and brilliance of the diamond. A brilliant cut diamond should have facets to make the appearance perfect and can increase its value. 

These factors have to be checked before purchasing a diamond in Dallas so you can get the best deal and the highest valued diamond you can get. Knowing what diamond can have a greater value can help you choose the right diamond to invest in. Diamonds are a good investment if you choose the right one since the resale value of the diamond depends on its properties and features. Gain the right knowledge about diamonds and use them when you purchase your diamond. 

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