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Choosing a best type of wallet

Wallet is the daily use thing that is widely use by both men as well as women. It has now become an item of luxury and fashion statement. There are many big brands now days available that launch the wallets in many different types of materials such as polyester, nylon, silicone and more but the most famous one is always the leather one. However, it is up to you what type of material you choose, but when you go out to purchase a wallet make sure that you don’t go with any specific brand or material, it is best for you to choose the wallet that suits with your needs and in which all your cards and money easily gets fit. Best slim wallets today have become a fashion now days because slim wallets are easy to carry as they fit comfortably in the pocket.

Types of wallets available  

Breast pocket – these wallets are little long in size and very slim; these wallets easily fit in the pocket of trench coat and jacket. These wallets are generally considered as an ideal choice for men because it can easily carry several cards, cash and it can also carry checkbook.

Bi-fold – this is one of the most use wallets and considered as a perfect choice for men. In order to fit into the pocket you need to fold the wallet and then place it in any pocket of its size. Main pocket of this wallet can hold the cash vertically while wallets side can hold the cards easily.

Tri-fold – this wallet is also a very popular choice and it opens through a center of the wallet and in this wallet cards can be easily placed vertically while the main pocket of this wallet is designed to carry a good amount of cash easily.

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