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Why Are Plasma Lighters Part Of A New Era?

Plasma lighters are an elegant and new product. They are slick, cool looking and a sign of the times. They use rechargeable lithium batteries to work. This makes them as up to date as electric cars. We are starting the era of letting fossil fuels behind. After all, they have caused too much damage to the environment already.

Seeing plasma lighters around confirms that this era is closer than ever.

Being part of the group of people that don’t use fossil fuels is being part of the solution. Let’s be part of the changing of times, let’s use plasma lighters and other electric powered products!

In this article, you will learn what innovations do plasma lighters bring to our world.

Its power source is not fossil fuel, and it’s something better.

This will be one of the most addressed facts that will arise when talking about plasma lighters. Its energy source is different from the one that has been used for almost two hundred years now. Rechargeable batteries are in their best moment now. This is not only because of the availability of the raw materials to make them but also because of their convenience.

Rechargeable batteries will store great quantities of energy and release them during long periods of time. They are also made out of recyclable materials, such as graphite capsules and mineral cores. The preferred materials to make batteries are Lithium and Nickel accompanied with Cadmium.

It is true that most batteries are being discarded when damaged, but soon enough, these will be hunted down for recycling. This will most likely happen when the prices of batteries go up again. Ironically, by the time this occurs, lithium won’t be the only raw material to make rechargeable batteries.

Scientists are trying to find ways to start using magnesium, the 8th most available element on earth, and sodium, an element that is widely spread around the seas of this water planet.

Plasma lighters can take the abuse.

Due to the enclosed nature of their circuitry, plasma lighters are designed to have a tough exterior to protect their simple circuitry. When this circuitry is secured, and the health of their soldering is guaranteed, even a truck can run over them, just like the atomic lighter commercial. They can also take very low temperatures, high humidity and won’t get damaged. Consider them the lighter a secret agent would have.

Plasma lighters last longer.

Plasma lighters can be used for extended periods of time without needing to be recharged. They also have a very extended service life. This is due to various causes. Plasma lighters are essential, a circuitry that works using a battery. This battery has its own average service life. When this battery can no longer be used, it can be replaced by other battery of the same characteristics. The circuitry, if in good condition, can be used again when a new battery is available.

Average plasma lighters can be recharged to over three hundred times during their service life. This makes them have a much longer life expectancy that lighters that use fossil fuels. Lighters that use fossil fuels also have the disadvantage of being dependent on consumables, such as the flint and the cloth they use. The fuel itself is also a consumable, and it lasts much less than the lithium battery of the plasma lighter.

Plasma lighters can light a cigarette in most places conventional lighters can’t

Lighters that use plasma have an advantage that is often overlooked: they don’t need a flame to ignite. The plasma arc that forms when the air is ionized between the arcs is unaffected by harsh conditions. These are conditions that conventional lighters would not tolerate. Some of these harsh conditions are:

Windy situations: The arc can be pretty much unaffected by wind. This will make the lighter useful in windy situations. These include scenarios like bonfires, beaches, forests, and others outdoors.

Plasma lighters don’t need reasonably low humidity to ignite. They do not use ignition systems, such as the flint most classic lighters depend so eagerly on. They depend only on their battery and circuitry, which can be very difficult to get damaged.

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