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4 Important Tips For Choosing Newborn Clothes In Singapore

Choosing newborn clothes in Singapore is harder than you thought. Remember, a baby’s skin is extra sensitive. They are more prone to irritation and rashes. And when babies are uncomfortable, expect midnight bawls and screams that will keep you and your neighbourhood awake the entire night.

Here are some tips when choosing a baby onesie in Singapore:

1. Choose a comfortable and breathable fabric.

As mentioned, babies have sensitive skin, and rough and warm fabrics can be pretty uncomfortable for the infant. Soft and breathable fabric is ideal for a baby’s skin.

The best fabric for baby boy and girl’s clothes is cotton. Cotton clothing is very absorbent. Sweat can irritate babies, but cotton can absorb sweat and moisture, comforting the infant. Cotton is breathable, too, perfect for Singapore’s warm weather.

2. Pick the correct size.

Babies grow fast, so you must be careful when choosing the sizes of baby rompers in Singapore. Get the most recent clothes size of the baby you are buying the clothes for. 

If you are unsure of the size, the safest option is to buy a bigger size. The clothes may be too big for them today, but in a matter of months, the rompers and onesies will fit them properly.

You can also use the size guide if unsure of the sizing. Some guides will tell you if the clothes will fit babies one to three months old or three to six months old.

3. Consider safety.

Stay away from organic baby clothes in Singapore with drawstrings, tiny buttons, and sequins. Firstly, strings can be a choking hazard. It can wrap around the baby’s neck while they are sleeping. Strings can also get entangled in their arms and legs. They can also get caught in electric fans, elevator doors, and other machines.

Meanwhile, buttons and sequins are choking hazards, too. Babies love to pick things, including buttons and beads. If they are not tightly attached, the babies can pluck them and shove them into their mouths. The rule of thumb is anything that can pass through the tissue tube is considered a choking hazard for children.

4. Season

If you are to give newborn clothes in Singapore, make sure they are appropriate to the weather. For example, it is unideal to give a baby a padded jacket if the weather in Singapore is scorching hot. Not unless the baby is going abroad during the winter season.

These are the factors you should consider when choosing clothes for babies.

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