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Go Green

This summer, look evergreen in green! A dash of leafy green on your maxi dress or long skirt can bring summer alive. Green can never be any better when chosen to wear to beat the heat in the summer. This is the most soothing color for eye sight. Green doesn’t only look at its best with the leaf and bushes but also on your skin! Every skin type has its own shade of green to go along with. Green goes with all types of material – cotton, silk, linen, spandex, nylon etc. Start with picking up a green short skirt to wear this week and eventually you will fall in love with that after receiving all those good comments for that!

Green Maxi Dress

Green is such robust that it incorporates spring and summer in all possible shades of green you can think of! Spring brings forth green that brightens up with bell of summer! You can do the same with your shades of green – pick Lime, Kelly, Pear, Parakeet, Green for Spring. Change the tone to Neon and Emerald during Summer. Neon is the latest edition of Green for summer. You can look at your bests wearing either of these shades regardless of skin tone. Even if you are insecure with your pale shades to go with these bold lines, pick a tone lighter than regular.

Does the Material Matter During Choosing Green?

Yes dear, the material makes much bolder appearance with the same color in different clothes. Spandex green creates bolder appearance than green on cotton than even green on silk! Silk strikes with every falling drape of leafy greens. Want to play it safe? Go lacey with green. Laces are comfortable as well as safer to experiment with. Green looks bolder and elegant in green. Be it evening gown or high-tea party, wear your lacey green dress with more attitude on!

Beat the Heat this Summer!

Never fear the summer, keep calm and wear green. Wearing green boosts your positivity and girl, it’s proven. Be it for a pool-party or a date this summer – wear green to awe your partner and trust me, it never goes wrong wearing green. Maxi dresses look gorgeous in flowy green! Couple up with your long scarves to put summer on the run! Wear evening midi dress in green and steal the show!

Accessories to Go with Green

Green is best complemented with beads and brittles! Wear your gems in emerald to go with crystals. Wearing green gives you reasons to take out those beads-pieces you got from holidays. And remember to have your goggles on during summer. You can also complement your look wearing pump heels or gladiator shoes! And remember to beat the heat with a smile on your bright red lips!

Be Christmas-ready!

Bring out your greenery from Christmas tree to your skin! Wear Green and look Christmas ready this year! Winter takes away the green from the season however gives you plenty of reasons to wear some during this! Take out that Green Lacey dresses out for dinner party with friends and family and look young and gorgeous. Don’t wait for summer!

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