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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

As the fall season starts to arrive, you’ll want to make sure you’re up-to-date in the latest fall styles. Here is a little more about the latest trends and the items you need to have in your wardrobe.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends


One of the biggest trends you’ll find for this fall season is vintage-inspired looks. This includes you wearing more stripes and calming patterns with your clothing pieces. You’ll also find more neutral colors in clothing pieces to help bring out a vintage look with your wardrobe.  

Another way to get a vintage look is with velvet. Velvet is something you’ll want to make sure your fall outfits incorporate if you want to go with the vintage style. You’ll find plenty of clothing pieces and accessories now that are made with velvet which is not only stylish, but a comfortable fabric.

You’ll also find that knitted vintage styles are in. Sweaters that are knitted or have some knitted design woven into them is yet another one of the top vintage styles for fall.  


Plaid is usually one of the top fall trends due to its many patterns and colors available. Plaid might seem like a simple style but it’s actually a very intricate one and one that is sure to make you stand out. Some plaid designs you’ll find are lumberjack plaid (a red and black checkered design) and gingham patterns (very small squares that feature bright checkered or diamond designs).

Floral Prints

While some might think floral prints would be more for spring and summer, they are actually a big hit for fall. Fall floral prints usually have darker and mellower tones which help to reflect the changing season.


Denim is usually one fall fashion trend that never really goes away, and for a reason. This material can be matched with almost every style which makes it a necessity to have for any wardrobe. You’ll find plenty of denim designs in jeans and jackets you can wear.


Just as with denim, flannel is something you’ll almost always see during the fall season. It’s a warm material that’s soft and comfortable to wear. It usually comes with unique color combinations (such as with plaid which is mentioned above) to help you stand out and stay warm during a rainy and breezy season.


Wearing layers can help you combine many different colors together to help give you a stylish look. You can match similar color palettes together or go wild and mix many different colors together.  

Round Sunglasses

Yes, even in the fall sunglasses can look hip and stylish. Round sunglasses are one of the latest fall styles. They can give you a Bohemian look and can be matched with almost any type of clothing piece.

If you want to add some of the latest fall fashion trends to your closet, check out Veronica M clothing. You’ll find some clothing pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to help keep up with these new styles. You’ll find floral prints and vintage-inspired pieces to help make sure you and your style stand out during this colorful season.

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